This website is a gathering place of people who choose to be HUMAN.

It is a platform for people who are in the process of discovering what it means to be HUMAN, over and over again because every situation is new. In that process, layers will be peeled off, layers that we have accumulated over the years and centuries. Society now and in the past has given us views, opinions, feelings about good and evil, values, civilizations and traditions that we carry with us, and the question is whether we are still HUMAN after all these influences.

Being a HUMAN comes before being a man or a woman, being a parent or a child, before our professions, our religious beliefs, cultural or political orientation or status, before being poor or rich.

Taking part in this gathering means that you understand the importance of examining for yourself what BEING HUMAN entails and that you realize that the essence of your words and deeds springs from being HUMAN. You may know or suspect that as a HUMAN BEING you will be able to find happiness which is irreplaceable. Maybe this will be a lifelong process for you.

This gathering (website, organization, newsletters, blogs, and especially your participation and involvement) will become a platform that helps everyone to be more aware. Awareness of BEING HUMAN!

Maybe we will meet physically, maybe not, but I know about your existence and you know about me and other likeminded people. And feeling that being thus connected will help; together we will be more than the sum of its parts.