During the second wave of Covid-19 and yet another outbreak of bird flu in the Netherlands, I, King Thung, got a lot of inspiration in nature, in nightly hours and from a book about a different kind of  civilization. And of course all other previous inspirations and being touched by something or somebody play a role.

I am 67 now and know this is an exciting and vibrant process. Actually, it is only now that I see how my life went, that I often have opted to BE HUMAN in all kinds of situation, which is an ongoing process. I wouldn’t want it differently, and to me it’s the only thing that matters, TO BE HUMAN.

I also know that there are lots of people who feel that BEING HUMAN takes precedence over everything, but who perhaps aren’t aware enough of this, caught up as they are in their daily routine and day-to-day worries. But as soon as we step out of that turbulence, we become aware of it again.

I studied medicine but as I progressed in my studies I already began to realize that I did not just want to prescribe pills and that regular medical science cannot cure many chronic diseases. Then I studied ‘alternative and natural health medicine’ and in particular the basics for a healthy body and mind. I spent all my working life practising this. Besides, I ran a training center where people could learn how to get or stay healthy, in body and mind. The last 25 years I focussed on relational aspects,  especially in male – female relations. I coached people in relationships, intimacy and sexuality.