Why should I participate?

1. To make clear to myself and the world that I AM HUMAN, that I want to think, feel, speak, listen and act as A HUMAN BEING.
2. Because this choice, this step will determine my future life and development in a positive way, that is, through insights/discoveries that I can build on and which set me free.
3. To meet – if I feel the need – others, online or live.
4. To work together on, for example, major campaigns and projects.
5. Because I want to help shape this project, even if only by signing up.

How do I participate?

You participate by filling in the registration form below.
You then have access to ‘Participants’ Contributions’ (Forum) and you can post a message, story or appeal.
You will also receive the newsletter regularly with inspiration, stories from participants, announcements, etc. You can, of course, always unsubscribe.