Being human in society

When we ask someone if he or she is human, we get a positive reply, if we get an answer at all. And then it is interesting to ask what that means.

Growing up from toddler to the age of 7 we learnt that we are human, that we are different from plants and animals, and since that time we assume that we are just that and we don’t think about it anymore. We have started developing our qualities and  talents and use them to become part of society. But we have gone too far; we have a place anyway, but we want a respected place and some of the people want to get as high as possible on the social ladder. And that may be the beginning of forgetting that we ARE HUMANS and in that wheel of fortune, the struggle for life, climbing the social ladder, which has become a way of life and which goes into only direction: more, better, faster, higher. Being occupied and especially being busy has become the norm. The busier we are, the more important  we feel. And there is a good chance that people will pass by a person or animal (in need) in the street or in nature. Have we forgotten that we ARE HUMANS? What does that actually mean?