Marking Time

I was told by some who have seen this website that it is still rather empty. Ans someone thinks it is a bit vague.

But that is exactly my intention. Everyone who participates or thinks along with it can give his or her own interpretation of BEING HUMAN. Variety is, I believe, a hallmark of BEING HUMAN. And yet I am convinced that all those different people will come to more or less the same conclusion when they start working on BEING HUMAN. The ‘more or less’ is in that diversity. Also, every person who wants to see another as  a person will respect and accept the other and make deeper contact, learn from each other and grow together. Ambition, competition, power and struggle will disappear and a lot more, but that’s my idea.

[Story of December 20 last. Tineke and I were waiting for a bus in front of Schiphol airport. I strolled around. A small fellow came to greet me and asked for a few euros. My head automatically shook no and my robot legs wanted to mopve on. Then BEING HUMAN woke up in me, I looked him in the eye and made contact. I asked him what he needed that money for, automatically assuming he would use it for drugs. He said he had to take a train to Amsterdam because he had a place to sleep there and here there was nothing. He gave me some reason why he had ended up here and could not continue. I gave him 20 euros and then there was real human contact… We continued talking about where we came from and exchanged names. I asked him if what I had given him was enough. Yes, yes, he said, absolutely, and thanked me again. ‘Don’t spend it on drugs,’ I said, meanwhile convinced he wasn’t an addict, given his bright eyes. We said goodbye: ’take care and be happy’. ]

As a practising consultant I have had my experience what it means to be HUMAN. There I discovered that a person is part of nature and lives, is nourished and regulated by Nature. The further he distances himself from nature (and that tendency grows as society becomes more technical and material), the more likely he is to be cut off from it and thus loses his natural life, nourishment, and regulation. Then  he will develop complaints, physical or mental. This is really inconceivable because our natural regulation mechanisms ensure that everything in the body is harmonious and in balance: blood pressure, respiration, sugar levels, heart rhythm, absorption of nutrients, excretion of waste, etc. Anyway, it happens and we develop high blood pressure. Going back to a more natural life rhythm and way of life would be the solution, but no, we go for anti-hypertensive pills, which are synthetic, so not natural, and we have to keep using them for the rest of our lives. Even more removed from nature. Also more removed from BEING HUMAN? I leave that judgment to the reader. It is just one example which I use to show how we can think and feel (reflect) about BEING HUMAN.

[The other MAN may think: isn’t wonderful that we humans can make such drugs that someone with high blood pressure or diabetes can just live and do their jobs?]

For example, someone can BE HUMAN in our economy, in politics, as boss or employee, as parent or child, etc.

“Busy BEING HUMAN” is actually marking time, currently very suitable due to the restrictions the lock-down imposes on you as a person.